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RCV x Corsica Fund

With over a decade of combined experience, RCVisionaries and Corsica Corp are proud to introduce the Corsica Fund—a boutique social trading fund dedicated to offering diverse investment opportunities. If your funds are sitting idly in a traditional bank account, you might be missing out on the potential for more substantial returns.

Our goal is to simplify the investment process, ensure complete transparency, and provide easy access for our wide-ranging audience. A true "Earn while you Learn" opportunity.

For more detailed information, please contact us or feel free to read our information pack down below!

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Endura Premium

The Endura Program

Our premium program at RCV focuses on intensive mentor interaction.

Program features include:

• Access to the Visionary Vault and Endura Premium Discord channel, offering a comprehensive suite of resources including webinar recordings dating back to 2022, and a variety of case studies.

• The Endura Premium Discord channel allows for direct communication with instructors and peers, and is the platform for submitting weekly journals and case studies for personalized feedback to enhance your trading skills.

• Following our recent collaboration with Corsica Corp, we will integrate their complete courses and case studies into the Visionary Vault at no additional cost.

• Weekly webinars to review our trading wins & losses, followed by an open Q&A session.



The Endura Playbook

A Specialized Guide of The RCV ‘Transitions’ Style. This book includes the nuances of RCV’s Trading approach, psychology, and everything in-between.

100+ Pages, 100+ Lessons. The book is currently offered in English & Espanol!

A preview of our book is provided for within the #ebook section of our free discord!

P.S. Please Email us the confirmation information after purchase!

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EnglishEnglish & Spanish

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Private Counseling

If you are solely looking for private mentorship, we offer a variety of offers depending on the amount of participants!

• $75/hr for individual sessions.
• $50/hr for groups of 2-3 participants.
• $45/hr for groups of 4-6 participants.
• $35/hr for groups of 7-9 participants.
• $25/hr for groups of 10 or more participants.

Add a session recording for an additional $10 per session (must be requested prior to the session).

For more information, refer to the #Coaching Section within our Free Discord.

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Personalized Reviews

If you are looking for direct feedback to your journaling, we are currently accepting submissions!

The price for a weeks worth of journaling is $25

Each submission must be submitted in PDF format. For additional details, please refer to the #case-study-saturdays tab within the free Discord

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Free Discord Channel

Join our vibrant community of over 1,000 Endurists in our free Discord channel. Engage in idea sharing, discussions, and participate in webinars.


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