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RCV began its journey with a simple idea: impact. We know this course won’t be for everyone, but we want those who are seeking help and guidance to find it here with RCV. Our goal is not to become a “guru” of trading, but actually help those in need of developing this skillset. Joining RCV is not only about improving as a trader but also improving as a person. There is no end-point when it comes to learning. With that being said, RCV is here for the long run. We promise to improvise, adapt, and overcome to every scenario that comes our way. We hope this course and the valuable content provided changes your life for the better.
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To support our community in becoming successful traders and pioneer/establish an example of how the trading education system should operate. Being in the trading world for a few years now, we decided to produce a company based off authenticity and more so, longevity.

Our Promise

Adapting this skill set can be quite a journey.  We are here to ensure you have a community to lean on throughout the process.  We promise to stay consistent and constant in providing education and in supporting our community’s goals.

Why Join the Visionaries


The word authentic means real or genuine. RCV exemplifies both. The community of traders we have molded thus far are genuine people who aim to be not only great traders but great human beings as well.


We are passionate about trading, but most importantly, we are passionate about people. We thrive to help individuals create a financially free life and to establish a legacy that people can turn to for help.


We will show consistency and value in the courses and content that we provide. Trust isn’t gained with words, but with action. Join our team and see the power in community.

"I just withdrew $ from my account to pay for tuition next semester, it feels amazing to do that. This changed my life. Thank you Fredo for everything."

- Aaron Berch

Constantly Improving

The Direction Of The Company

We are here to impact not only individuals, but also the education system. This information can change so many lives because at the end of the day, your possessions can be taken but not your intellectual property.

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