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Learn from anywhere in the world

As long as you have wifi or internet access, you’ll be able to access all the valuable content RCV provides. We make all our content accessible to you.

Go at your own Pace

Everyone has a different learning curve. You’ll have the freedom to access the course on your own time and devote as much as time as you can, when you can.

Be part of Our Community

You’ll be able to engage and ask questions from multiple experienced traders in the visionary exclusive chat. We all started somewhere and we are here to help.

Why we do this

Independent Traders

We fell in love with the art of trading.  In particular, forex trading. The reason we established RCV was to be a source of guidance and a house of knowledge for those who seek it. RCV's goal is to create independent traders and help unlock the key to profitability in this market.

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WHAT you'll discover

Our Course

The RCVisionaries course will consist of over 40 videos starting from intermediate, advance, psychology and extras. 1 to 2 weekly live webinars where previous market movements are discussed alongside potential projections. We record the webinars and post them alongside previous webinars. We also include previous pair breakdowns that are essentially full top-bottom breakdowns of the set-up, entry, and exit. Full access to the exclusive Visionaries Discord server.  

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Built around a community

The Student Experience

RCV is a well-knit community full of respectable, successful traders. Ultimately what ties us together is our mindset. There's a place for everyone to not only develop a skill set, but also grow into the trader they want to be. We are family.

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What People Are Saying

Picture of John D.
Anish M.

"Hey bro!I haven’t been speaking much in the group lately got things going on but just wanted to reach out and say thank you! With the group I’ve been constantly learning and actually seeing constant profits. Thank you so much for taking my trading game where it hasn’t been beforeited for next year!"

Picture of Christian T
Christian T.

"Hey Fredo eversince i joined RCVisonaires I gained clarity not only in the markets but in life in itself. You taught me how to love the charts rather than love the money. I found you guys through word of mouth and there's not a lot of good forex mentors/courses out there. I'm thankful for you and Sergio for putting together RCVisionaires."

Picture of Waqar A.
Jovany C.

"Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve passed on to the group from technicals to your perspective on the markets to the mindset. I’ve absorbed everything like a sponge and applied it and now I’m in a position where I can not only help myself but others as well. Thanks again."

Picture of Alex G.
Alex G.

"Look bro I gotta say we’ve never met but you’ve helped me so much and I’d consider you a brother for what you’ve done for me. So genuine, so blessed, couldn’t ask for a better person to help me with knowledge and trading, a lot of love to you brother, keep it up."

Picture of Alyssa M.
Alyssa M.

" Just wanna say thank you for everything you’ve done to help me in my journey of trading. Your teachings go far beyond the charts; I have challenged myself psychologically and applied what I learn from you in other aspects of my life. I am so grateful to have come across a person like you, thank you ❤️."

Picture of Patrick L.
Patrick L.

"Although it has not been too long since I’ve started my trading journey, my biggest obstacles have been finding the people with similar mindset, consistency and relentlessness. I came across many educators and platforms in order to educate myself to the fullest and undoubtedly, Alfredo and his team possess the qualities and personalities to guide you toward to reaching your trading goals. Everything requires time and effort, but given that you do what is necessary under his course/guidance, you’ll never regret making the decision to join visionaries because the results speak for itself."

Picture of Raj

"One thing traders neglect to change is their psychology. In visionaries, not only did I improve my trading skills but also my mindset. Having the mindset to learn, to adapt to losses, to not get greedy is the key to being successful in the market."

Picture of Jason S.
Jason S.

"I had a solid amount of experience under my belt. I was profitable, but I knew my R:R was still exposing my accounts to more risk than I liked. When I first heard about Visionaries, the entries of course, was the first thing that caught my interest. I watched from afar observing what was going on for a good while. Finally, I joined. Fast forward about 6 months, my R:R is ridiculously better, cut my risk in half by more than 50% per trade. It’s an amazing group of like minded traders, who truly are invested in excelling their trading game. Beginner to expert, I guarantee joining changes how you view charts moving forward."

Picture of Erica

"Hey Fredo I just want to give a big thanks because literally since finding you, your mentorship has paved the way for my trading success along with becoming apart of an active community where everyone’s helping each other out. Really appreciate all the tips & information you provide & for keeping it 💯!  So so excited for all that’s yet to come 🙏🏼🤍"

Picture of Ferris

"I’m forever grateful for finding Visionaries, where I was taught to find my own answers. This mentorship has taken me from signal hunting to taking my own disciplined, confident, precise entries. In this community you’ll forget about the money and fall in love with the art of trading."

Picture of Juan C
Juan C.

" Honestly bro you mentorship has taken my trading to the next level. Not only did I gain confidence in my trading and became profitable but more than anything gained confidence in myself and that’s something you can’t put a price tag on!"

Picture of Manuel J
Manuel J.

"I was honored to be part of Visionaries in its early stages, and I can honestly say it completely changed everything for me. They did not just take my Trading to a completely different level, but also helped me become a much better person. Will always be indebted to them."


The Accessibility

In this world of technology, we’ve made it convenient for you to have this information at your fingertips. Regardless of where you are, RCV is here to take your trading to the next level.

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